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Myrthe Schoonhoven
Raalte (The Netherlands)


Text or call: +31 (0)6 417 307 84


How often can I request a session?

That is unlimited! I can recommend that you request a physical or online session at least twice a year so that your horse can regularly be cleansed, harmonized and healed in energy and can share his/her words with you. Also because energy changes, quite a lot of change can happen on a (un)conscious level after a few weeks.

Does your horse have an injury or illness? Then I can definitely recommend requesting a session. Energy therapy has no adverse side effects and is given from understanding, love and peace at the deepest level. What can your horse tell you about the illness/injury? Why is this popping up now? What does he/she need for a faster or more harmonious recovery?

Furthermore, you can request a session at any time that you notice that your horse could use extra support. Even if you feel that something is in the way, or simply because you are curious about what they have to say. Furthermore, interim check-ups are recommended. You can request unlimited physical or online sessions.

What topics can we talk about?

Everything! And I mean really anything you can think of. I’ll give you some examples in terms of topics, although there are so many more:
– Housing and feeding
– Training level, variety in activities
– What does your horse like to do?
– Health and wellbeing
– Communication and bonding
– (Unprocessed) sadness, pain, traumas
– Becoming a mother, weaning foals
– Mindset and general way of thinking
– Saddle, bridle and other supplies
– Behaviour (changes) such as girth/feed envy, trailer fear, behavior in the stable or in the herd, etc.
– Connection with people and other horses

My horse is currently being intensively trained, can I request a session?

A healing/reading is always possible, the energy works in all systems in your animal’s body and seeks the right harmony/balance itself. It often happens that the energy of the session works deeper during moments of rest or during the night, nice bonus! The inner self-healing capacity of your horse keeps an eye on things, everything is taken care of.

Do you need information about my horse in advance?

No that is not necessary. It works well for me if I don’t know too much in advance so that I can give the without prejudice and be open to all the energy your horse sends me. Important information in advance is certainly allowed, but their life story is not necessary. The best sessions happen when the owner/applicant is open-minded, without judgment, to what may happen, both for the online and physical sessions. During the reading I will let your horse speak for itself first. Then, I will ask the questions you have brought in.

How do I know if a (photo) reading/healing is something for my horse and me?

Gaining insight into how your horse is feeling and hearing what he/she has to say is always nice and useful in my opinion. In addition, you can choose to give your horse a relaxing gift by requesting a healing. And how inspiring would it be to hear what answers your horse has to your questions, thanks to our reading? What would you like to know and what else does your horse want to tell you? More information about my way of working and the content of the (photo) readings/healings can be found on this website.

Do you currently have a waiting period?

No, luckily I don’t have a waiting period with the online sessions. You will receive the report in your mailbox within 3 weeks. If your horse is not ready within those 3 weeks, I will contact you, although this is rare.

I have do have a waiting time of 4 weeks for the sessions on location. So the sooner you submit your reservation, the sooner I can schedule the session. I work on location on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. During the school holidays more possibilities open up. I always post these on my social media channel @paardenkracht_ , so stay tuned!

There's nothing I'm concerned about. Is energy therapy suitable for my horse?

The answer to that question is yes! Think of it as a gift in the form of relaxation. For horses, receiving healing energy has a relaxing, calming and supportive effect on the entire mind, body and spirit. At the same time, the (un)conscious energetic junk is cleaned up, healed and replaced by clean, new energy. Your horse also gets the opportunity to tell you something, he/she is fully heard. So win-win, for you and your horse.