Energietherapie voor paard en mens


Healing for horses and humans

Do you feel that…

  • your horse builds up tension and has difficulty letting that go?
  • (repetitive) injuries occur without a clear cause?
  • your horse doesn’t feel very comfortable in their own skin?
  • your horse would like to tell you something?
  • you would like to receive a message from your horse?
  • your horse behaves differently than before?
  • there is tension during shaving or when the farrier, dentist or physiotherapist comes?
  • the connection between you and your horse feels different over time and you don’t know how to renew that connection?
  • … your own interpretation and so much more!

My name is Myrthe Schoonhoven 

I help horses to regain their “horse power” which is the literal translation of “Paardenkracht”. My love for horses started at a young age and to this day I still enjoy the love and sensitivity of these majestic animals. When I became aware of my high-sensitivity I started looking for different educations, courses and workshops to get a better idea of who I am as a highly sensitive person and to discover what energy does to me and my environment.

Initially I focused on myself, my spirituality, my knowledge and the consultations I can give to people. I followed a training to become a Medium and Trance Healing therapist for people after which I transitioned to energetically working with horses in a holistic manner. I met the British healer Margrit Coates, who inspired me to give horses a voice with the readings and to clear their energy field with the healings. Many workshops, training and courses later I have not stopped learning. I love to continuously develop myself as a therapist and a person.

I was deeply touched by the possibilities, insights and results of energy therapy for horses and the awareness amongst the riders. Because honestly, doing this has been such an amazing experience! It awoke a deep desire of mine to put horses back into their horsepower.

I work throughout The Netherlands (and beyond) from my hometown Raalte.

How I work

Reading: your personal horse communicator

Your horse is heard by you, there is almost no greater gift! With great pleasure and love I can function as your personal horse communicator, I am able to attune to your animal and thus communicate with them. I manage this with a telepathic connection: I receive what the horse wants to say or show and I share that with you. As far as I’m concerned, all horses need an occasional conversation with a horse communicator, so that they can express themselves just like we can. Through the connection I have, your horse can let you know what their needs are and whether you can do anything for them. You can ask how things are going, discuss something and give your horse the freedom to give you a meaningful message.

Energy healing: relaxation for your horse

With a in-person healing I gently touch your horse, with a photo healing the energy is sent ‘through the air’ to your horse. Old, superfluous and stuck energy is released and cleared. This creates space in the entire body and system to fill with new energy. I am able to sense blockages, energy flows and chakras and to bring them back into harmony with each other. The healing is automatically adapted to the needs of your horse because I am attuned to their energy. This way your horse gets exactly what they ask for and need.

Rebalancing the energy ensures that the inner self-healing capacity is activated. As a result, your horse is back in balance and harmony with itself, with more peace, happiness and freedom as a wonderful result. All of your horse’s ‘bodies’ are healed: the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental body.



With my loving intention and the support of healing energy I help you and your horse. I advise you to continue to have regular appointments with a vet, dentist, physiotherapist, massage therapist, etc. I will never tell you to forgo medication, as it can work synergistically with the healings. I am passionate about helping people with their horses and I offer a unique service in this respect. When I give healing to your horse I link you in that process, so that you too receive healing energy. Each horse is unique and the outcome of healing cannot be predicted or assumed. No promises of a cure are made or implied by me.