Healing and reading

With an in-person healing and reading your horse will receive a beautiful reading in addition to the extensive healing. With a reading I create an even deeper connection with your horse so that I can communicate with them. This is how I will become your personal horse communicator! You can ask your horse the questions that you have been walking around with for some time, that you are just curious about or that you want to be reassured about. You can ask anything, genuinely anything.

What are you curious about? What questions do you have? Perhaps…

  • you would like to know how they experience the training sessions?
  • you want to know what your horse thinks of your cooperation and communication?
  • you are open to messages that your horse wants to share with you? What can you as an owner/rider become aware of?
  • you would like to ask your horse where a certain behavior or fear comes from and how this can be reduced/changed?
  • you would like to know what your horse thinks of the accommodation?
  • you wonder if your horse is happy and comfortable?
  • you would like to hear if your horse needs something from you or others?
    … you are curious about anything! You can ask anything.

“My Haflinger Resa and I enjoyed an in-person healing and reading. I think this has been one of the best experiences of my life. Many thoughts I had about Resa have been confirmed and I have received the necessary answers to a number of (for me) very important questions that I struggled with. It was very confronting at times, but now many puzzle pieces have slowly fallen into place. Myrthe doesn’t know how well she has helped Resa and me. I didn’t really expect it, but this was exactly what we needed. I now see Resa’s traits in a completely different light and I have the feeling that I can now understand the traits much better. If you ever have any doubts about doing something like this, really do it!”

Alveria & Resa

“A very special experience! Myrthe has already visited my stable a number of times to give treatments. Her working method, patience, love and honesty make her particularly good at her job. Every treatment is special and always gives a lot of clarity. It’s great that I can have Myrthe visit my stable if my horses or ponies need it.”

Anne-Fleur & Velvet Lady

Practical information


For an in-person session, I think it is important that the horse is in a pleasant environment for him/her. This can be a paddock, grooming area, lunge area, stable/stable corridor, arena or something similar. Furthermore, your horse requires to wear a bridle with a lead rope. Being able to work undisturbed and dry (with a roof over our heads or outside when it’s not raining) is very nice for you, your horse and myself. As soon as the temperature drops below 5 degrees or above 25 degrees, the session is moved to another moment, because I work with my bare hands and otherwise it will be either too cold or too hot.

Before the session starts, I will talk to you about the points of attention you have. After the session, we will discuss whether and when the follow-up treatment for your horse will take place and how quickly you want to follow it up after the session of this day. Healing can also be used preventively or simply because it relaxes your horse as part of your horse’s overall wellness program.

Travel and travel expenses

The travel costs are calculated as standard return. I travel worldwide so please contact me if you would like to recieve a customized offer.

I can generally handle a maximum of 4 horses per day. Are there several horses that could benefit from a session on location, for example at a stable, riding school or several horses at your home? Fantastic! Let’s discuss the possibilities together, a group session might be fitting.


Additional horse for the same owner: €107,-

Canceling a session
Canceling a session can be done free of charge up to 48 hours prior to our agreed time, by telephone or by e-mail. Cancellations or changes not communicated within this time period will be charged for 50% by means of an invoice.