Photo reading and healing

With the photo reading and healing the blockages that have emerged in the reading are examined and your horse is given the opportunity to be harmonized in all layers of the body: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Your horse also gets the opportunity to say something about this. Especially with blockages in the emotional and mental area, the duo effect of a reading and healing is beautiful and soothing. I dissolve the old or negative energy and harmonize the rest. It is a cleansing experience for your horse and they will get new, fresh, clean energy in return. In addition, your horse receives a check of the chakras and energy flows in his/her body. Afterwards, I will write a report of the healing in which I tell you extensively what I encountered. I will also let you know which theme is central to your horse per chakra point. All this with more freedom, peace as a result.

How beautiful would it be if…
  • Your horse can tell you something in their own words;
  • Your horse can answer the questions you want answers to;
  • Your horse can tell where an injury, behavior change or fear comes from;
  • You gain more insight into how your horse feels in an accessible way;
  • Your horse can tell you where your focus is right now.
Did you know that…
  • A photo reading is always possible? Healthy, ill or injured: a photo reading can actually be helpful and provide you with answers to essential questions
  • I also help horses internationally through photo readings and photo healings? I have already had the opportunity to spiritually meet horses and ponies in Belgium, Germany, France and Spain. Location and time play no role in a photo reading!
  • There is no limit to the number of photo readings your horse can benefit from. Energy changes continuously, which is why it is nice if your horse/pony can tell their story with some regularity. Every month, ever-other month or once a year? Everything is possible!

“I’ve always wanted to do a photo reading and healing, I was mainly curious how something like this would work. I always didn’t take the step, why? Maybe my own insecurity, because if Joe can talk, who knows what he’s going to say about me… After the first paragraph I started tearing up. Joe was talking about a horse friend who had passed away and this was true. Apparently Joe still felt sad and bothered by this. Myrthe was able to help him with this, where Joe used to be gloomy with the energy of his friend around him, he doesn’t have that anymore. I was also able to come up with questions myself, which Myrthe included in the reading. One of these questions was about the strange behavior with shaving, new people, the farrier, on the trail, etc. Joe’s answer: “Oops. You got me. Sorry Ilse, but I think it’s such a funny joke.” This sounds exactly like Joe. I went into this photo reading and healing very openly, because I had no idea what to expect. It’s so special how Myrthe does this! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to better understand of how and why a horse sometimes reacts the way they do.”

Ilse & Joe

Practical information