During a photo reading I remotely make an energetic and telepathic connection with your horse. I do this by tuning in to the energy of the photo and the name of the horse. I am open to the energy that the horse shares with me at that moment so that I receive the messages from your horse. During the reading I let your horse tell their story, I listen to them and I will write a report of this for you. The words in the reading report are always the words of your horse, I do not change this textually. The reading is aimed at you: your horse talks to you through me. I have a few basic questions that I ask during the reading. Of course it is possible to come up with questions that I can ask your horse.

How beautiful would it be if…
  • Your horse can tell you something in their own words;
  • Your horse can answer the questions you want answers to;
  • Your horse can tell where an injury, behavior change or fear comes from;
  • You gain more insight into how your horse feels in an accessible way;
  • Your horse can tell you where your focus is right now.

Do you feel that a photo reading is the right thing to do for both you and your horse? Then I look forward to receiving your application!

My email address is

I would like to receive the following information from you:
– Name and gender of your horse;
– One or two photo(s) of your horse, preferably with at least one visible eye;
– At least 1 and a maximum of 4 questions that you want to ask your horse. Feel free to be specific, you can ask anything.

Did you know that…
  • A photo reading is always possible? Healthy, ill or injured: a photo reading can actually be helpful and provide you with answers to essential questions
  • I also help horses internationally through photo readings and photo healings? I have already had the opportunity to spiritually meet horses and ponies in Belgium, Germany, France and Spain. Location and time play no role in a photo reading!
  • There is no limit to the number of photo readings your horse can benefit from. Energy changes continuously, which is why it is nice if your horse/pony can tell their story with some regularity. Every month, ever-other month or once a year? Everything is possible!
“I had Myrthe do a photo reading for my fjord Neymar. I had some questions that I couldn’t answer myself. Why does he have small bumps on his chest? Why is riding sometimes so difficult? The reading was very extensive, Neymar had so much to tell me. I read the reading with tears in my eyes. His words touched me deeply. He wants to help me so badly, although I sometimes find help difficult due to my own blockages/traumas. Yet, Neymar manages to see through my masks, something for which I am grateful. I’m going to request a reading more often because I’m sure Neymar has more to tell me. Thanks Neymar and Myrthe thanks. You made this wonderful experience possible.”
Esmee & Neymar

Practical information