Energy healing

Thank you for your interest in energy healing sessions for horses.


What is energy healing?

Energy healing is one of the oldest forms of healing. The vibrations of the energy field, auras and chakras can be heard and felt by those who are sensitive to them. During a session I send a positive energy flow to different parts of the body of your horse or pony to release negative, old or excess energy. Energy healing for horses can be helpful for resetting the balance in all their systems, for emotional expression and for speeding up the body’s recovery from illness and injury. A session can also be used preventively, in order to detect and repair any blockages or energy disturbances at an early stage.

A healing offers (preventive) support for:

– restoring balance and overall relaxation
– letting go of (un)conscious blockages
– improving and deepening the relationship with your horse
– accepting changes (relocation, change of owner / herd, different saddle/bridle, etc.)
– elimination of stress, fear, gloom, listlessness and traumas
– emotional and mental problems
– strengthening the recovery after an injury or wound
– (undesirable) behavior within the herd, in the stable, at competitions, etc.
– homesickness and sadness
– much more

What benefits does energy therapy have for your horse?

Energy therapy can be used under all circumstances, including during illness or pain, and has no ‘side effects’. Because all sources of energy is holistically included in a session, the energy works through to the deepest cells. The advantage is that your horse receives a complete session with a natural form of therapy that is tailored to the individual body of your horse.

Furthermore, energy therapy can be used preventively or as a synergistic treatment together with other treatments such as physiotherapy, osteopathy or massages. Energy therapy can sometimes be very successful after one session, but often more sessions are needed, just like other forms of therapy. Learning to deal with the issue is a process.

What benefits does energy therapy have for you?

As soon as you attend a session you can get great insights and you can become more aware of who your horse is and how they function. Your horse can also serve as a mirror for their owned and show if something is out of balance with you or indicate where you can put your focus. During a session with your horse, your own energy is also lovingly healed. You will notice that the energy therapy strengthens and improves the contact between you and your horse.