In-Spirit photoreading

I am so sorry that you’re reading this. It probably means that a horse you love and adore has passed over. Please accept my deepest sympathy for your very sad loss. During an in-spirit photoreading I create a connection with your horse. I do this by tuning in to the energy of the photo and the name of the horse and I ask the spirit of your horse to connect with me. I am open to the energy that your beloved horse shares with me at that moment so that I can receive the messages from him/her. During the reading I will let your horse tell their story, I listen to what is said and will make a report of this for you. The reading is aimed at you; your horse talks to you through me. Of course you can come up with questions that I can ask your horse on your behalf.

How beautiful would it be if…

  • The words of your horse can offer you peace, clarity and comfort;
  • You have the opportunity to ask your horse questions after death;
  • Your horse gets the chance to give you a message.

My email address is

I would like to receive the following information from you:

  • Name and gender of your horse
  • One photo of your horse, preferably with at least one visible eye. It is my strong preference that it is a photo right before your horse has passed away, ideally no older than 1 month before passing
  • At least 1 and a maximum of 4 questions that you want to ask your horse. Feel free to be specific, you can ask anything.
Did you know that…
  • A photo reading is always possible? Whether your horse passed away recently or long ago, makes no difference to the photo reading, since their energy always finds their way to me. A photo reading with your precious horse or pony can actually be healing and supportive for you and your horse’s spirit
  • It is also possible to give a reading to deceased horses from all over the world? An international reading is certainly an option, location and time do not play a role regarding the energy of your horse

Practical information